Day 24 Gillean Bay-Applecross

With Jes’ help and boosted by a restorative kip on a comfy bed, I was paddling by 4am.

First task was to correct yesterdays mistake and get to the eastern side of Skye. Fell off the pace by an hour or so but then enjoyed another morning gliding on glassy water and had a few porpoises show their fins.  Pulled in at Kyle Rhea for a long break including a siesta.

Got back on once the tide had turned and dodging the playing seals, turned a corner which brought Skye bridge into view. Another hour or so past the salmon farms where every 5 seconds there is a prison break attempt, and then under the awesome bridge.

Final push on to Applecross where I saw a sea otter! Very stressless day and solid mileage to boot.


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1 Response to Day 24 Gillean Bay-Applecross

  1. Helen says:

    Fantastic pic Joe, you’re seeing more of Britain, than I’ve seen in my 40 years!! Keep going, you’re doing an amazing job x x

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