Day 67 Rame-Falmouth

Storms through the night battered Maker Junction, my last stop. It was a quirky and cool backpackers. Simon and Lauren were very accommodating of my wet, smelly kit and even hooked me up with delicious free apple crumble. This after Jess had worked another culinary miracle and served steak (medium rare), polenta (carb fest) and salad (crucial). It was like my last meal as I came to terms with giving up expedition life.

Anyway, the wind battered the building and tore down a marquee. It was still cranking through at 4am in the morning and as such I stood down. 40nm just didnt seem feasible so I wrote it off and got up at 8.

Now aiming to just chip off miles and make the hypothetical day 68 easier, I made moves to be away by 9.30.

On my way down to the beach I spoke to Jeff Allen who assured me that last nights weather was the gales that had been forecasted for the day. They’d arrived early which meant a relatively tame, even pleasant day. The opportunity was there to cut the corners, paddle fast and make it home on day 67. So that’s what I did. For 6 hours I didnt miss a stroke and drew on every reserve to make time up. Took my last pitstop at Gorran Haven where the sun broke through and made for a poignant final launch on a stunning Cornish beach.


3 and a half more hours through familiar waters and I made my approach to Swanpool. Greeted by family and friends I popped a bottle and just enjoyed the moment.

Thanks for turning out guys.

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1 Response to Day 67 Rame-Falmouth

  1. Ray Garrett says:

    Joe, hope you get this message. Was trying to find a way of contacting you on the web. Congratulations! I had no idea you was doing the trip till i saw you arrive at the finish. I am so proud of your amazing achievement.
    All the best, mr garrett, your old, stylish, science teacher

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