A 2500 mile litterpick

Anyone who knows me, knows I spend much of my time in and around the sea. Whilst out there I am frequently sadenned by the amount of litter the ends up in the water and on the beaches.

In light of this I have decided to make my journey a 2500 mile litterpick. I pledge to take 3 pieces of litter out of the sea everyday of my trip. So, if you have got this far and are still deciding whether or not to help me reach my fundraising target, then consider it payment for a service. Not only will the cash go to a great charity who are part of the solution, but I will personally take about 240 pieces of litter out of our seas and off of our beaches. 2 for the price of 1.

My target is a modest £1000.00 this is seriously achievable and would give me that added motivation through some of the inevitable dark moments.

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9 Responses to A 2500 mile litterpick

  1. Caroline says:

    I think this is amazing!! I’m from Bangor uni and I’m an avid follower of SAS (even applied for a job with them ). I really appreciate what you’re doing. Have fun and savour all those incredible site’s you’ll see from the water!! Have a safe journey. I’ll donated 🙂

  2. Very kind Caroline, thank you

  3. Love u Joe good luck,bet Michael is jealous xxxx Amanda and Claude

  4. jptouchard says:

    Well done ! Amazing!

  5. Laura Q says:

    Hi Joe, you probably don’t remember me but we worked together many moons ago. Really pleased to hear about what you’re doing. I live down in Devon now so if you get hungry near Exmouth/Dawlsh on your way back to Falmouth, I’ll be happy to oblige. I’ve donated x

  6. DaveB says:

    Just come across this in the Manx Examiner, impressive. Very best of luck Joe.
    Dave. Waterboard House

  7. Desi Law says:

    Awesome job Joe.Catriona is at Durness camping with a club from Orkney.They will watch out for you.

  8. Desi Law says:

    Joe they stayed at Scourie bay Sunday night so youve flew past them now.Amazing.

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