Day 23 Tobermorey-Gillean Bay

Early start on account of the new regime of biphasic sleeping and paddling only with the tide. On at 5, an hour late.  to meet Jes who is arriving today for a stint of land support, at Arisaig before the tide would turn.


Missed some primo fishing boat washes while faffing with setup and it set the tone for a long, long day.

It was scorchingly hot and I had nowhere near enough water on board. Navigating through a gap in my maps I paddled for 13 straight hours and knowing that I’d missed Jes somehow, I went to a house to make a call. They told me I was on Skye and eventually I got my sunstroked head around what had happened. I had mistaken the Sleat Peninsula for mainland and meandered 6 miles the wrong way.

Isobel, Emma, James, Pete and Eila put me back together with food water and shower. While Jes made the mammoth drive over, Isobel offered supper and even a bed for the night and said of my hesitation “don’t be tented, be tempted” So that settled it. The sort of result to make a fatalist of anyone. Guys if you read this, thankyou, seriously. My pretty big error didnt cost me too much time and I met some more great people.

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