A final note

It’s time I brought some finality to my round Britain blog. No in depth reflection I’m afraid, because the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write, then I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to tag long essays onto the end of my previous posts. I will be giving a talk about my trip at the Sea Kayaking Cornwall symposium this October and maybe, one day there will be a book, but right now round Britain feels like the first chapter.

Life on dry land was a shock at first and there was a real loss of focus for a few weeks. I had concentrated so hard on my goal for so long then suddenly that wasn’t there anymore. I felt restless and aimless and longed to be back out there. There are some really exciting irons in the fire now in terms of sponsorship, work and expeditions so I have finally broken out of the post exped apathy.

The scratty beard has now been removed and I’ve been enjoying catching up on all the other circunavigators’ efforts. Given the weather, its been an astounding completion rate!

All that remains is to say thanks again to everyone who backed me up along the way, I will eventually get in touch with you all…





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