Just some really important thankyou’s to get down. I’ll write up a bit of a reflection/breakdown and there are ton of pictures on the way.

Thanks to Jeff Allen and Simon Osborne of Sea Kayaking Cornwall without whom this would not have happened. Both have been paddling heroes of mine for many years, so to have them on board has been invaluable. I approached Jeff this time last year with the idea, hoping to get some advice and, as they say, the rest is history.

Thanks to Rockpool for building the incredible Taran. What a boat! Thanks to H20 Audio for hooking me up and keeping my tunes and podcasts dry. Thanks Cunningham Covers for the awesome tarp. Isle of Man Steam Packet for being totally flexible.

Thanks to Jes Oughton. If I could have done it without him, which I’m not sure I could, then it would have been nowhere near as quick or enjoyable. For the daily debriefs, the several stints of land support and for the coaching before and during…thanks.

Also to Jess, my girlfriend who has been so tolerant of this 2 year obsession. For understanding what it was all really about and helping me realise my dream.

Thanks to my Mum. For being totally behind this and putting up with the worry of me being out there, often out of touch. I’ve never had to look far for lessons in hard work and sacrifice. 

To all the coaches and paddlers who over the years have taught and inspired me, my leading lights, a piece of this is for you.

Thanks to all the strangers who became friends. My towers of refuge. In my times of need you guys picked me up, fed me, put me up or were just someone to speak to. You guys were very much part of the journey for me.

Finally thanks to everyone who donated to the cause, who commented and got in touch or simply had me in their thoughts. It meant a lot to me and although I paddled solo, I never felt alone. Thank you.

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5 Responses to Thankyou

  1. marianne says:

    Well done you! Time for a long lie in 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    Joe, we met in freshwater west after your crossing from Lundy, been following your journey since. Well done !! Inspiring !!

  3. Max says:

    We welcomed you ashore at Kerveag. We were amazed then and even more pleased now that you have finished. Well done!

  4. Peter Smith says:

    Well done Joe! You should be very proud! If you have any pictures of our amazing tarpaulin then we’d love to see them! Fire them onto our facebook page or email them across!

  5. Catriona Woods says:

    wow what a tribute to all who helped you there. You are an amazing young man. Determined, dedicated and skilled . you showed amazing stamina tolerance and strength. you are a real credit to yourself (and your mum ;)) here’s to the next advernture. Congrattttts 🙂

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