Day 65 Portland-Brixham

Well that went well. The weather was perfect, the sea following and when I listened closely, I could hear the Taran singing as it cut through wave chains.

Very early start just to make double sure of avoiding a night paddle. The weather was sunny from the off as I set out at 255 degrees into an empty horizon.


2.5 hours in I looked left and maybe half a mile seaward, from nowhere a whale leapt clear of the water. It was an orca! Fully gobsmacked and slightly anxious of having a run in with a killer whale I just kept paddling.

I made a good routine of 5 minute breaks every hour and used the time to feed, drink, rest and send tweets. All the essentials.

GPS checks every other hour confirmed that I was making great progress on the turned tide and confirmed my good line into Berry Head. Soon enough shadows of Devon came into sight.

Hit land around 1830 and was met at Brixham by friend of the blog, Nigel. He’s offered up his motorhome for the night what a guy!


I’ve placed myself nicely for 2 long days into Fal. The weather may yet come back into play as there is some silliness forecast for saturday however…one day at a time.

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5 Responses to Day 65 Portland-Brixham

  1. Helen says:

    can’t believe what a star you are, charity target surpassed and so close to the finish line!! Good luck Joe, enjoy your adventure H & A x x

  2. Sam (aka Preschool) says:

    Not far now, good effort mate! Looking forward to catching up for a beer and hearing some adventurous stories from your travels x

  3. Bec says:

    You go joe! The end really is in sight! 🙂

  4. barry shaw says:

    Can you smell the chippy in Falmouth or something?

  5. Fiona Whitehead says:

    I have enjoyed following your progress, enjoy those last few days before returning to normality. Well done.

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