Day 64 Studland, Poole-Portland

Today required strategy. In navigational terms a gate is a place and time when/where the tide turns and becomes difficult or impassable. At it’s peak today, the tide at Portland Bill ran 6+ knots and would start running against at 1600, are you still reading? Portland Bill lay 28NM away so I had to make 28 miles by 4pm to get through…

I was paddling by 7am and forgot all about the targets as I wove around Old Harry and surrounding stacks, caves and awesome rock formations. I very much enjoyed the return of some of the wildlife I haven’t seen since Yorkshire. Shearwater, gannets, puffins, razorbills, the usual suspects.




I hit Anvil point at 1045, ahead of schedule and wasted no time heading out into the mist at 260 degrees. 4 hours and 16nm later I
was at Portland, relieved to have avoided any traffic.

The gate was just closing, I bounced along on some turbulent water but on rounding the mighty lighthouse, had to fight my way along to a good landing round the corner.

I declined an evening session working into Lyme Bay and have instead chosen to cross direct to Brixham tomorrow. Is that far? Yeah kind of, check out the map.

Jess has joined the team this evening and keeps her dad company tomorrow while I toil across the bay. Tomorrows post may only be a one worder!



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2 Responses to Day 64 Studland, Poole-Portland

  1. Amazing. Can’t wait to see you.
    And in the words of my other favourite legend Andy Williams himself, You’re Almost There.
    M xxx

  2. Nigel H says:

    There is a left curving tidal stream that runs almost direct 42 miles from Portland Bill to Berry Head. Hope to see you Thurs but weather dependent and south westerley sea destroys tidal assisstance for shallow draft boats.
    Good Luck

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