Day 63 Cowes-Studland, Poole


Full English and a warm send off from the guys at UKSA. That place is fighting the good fight, getting thousands of kids a year on the water, opportunities they may not otherwise have had.

The mizzle was a common theme for the day but to start with at least, any wind was being dampened by the dense woodland which spills into the sea on the Wight coastline. This gave me a great chance to clock early miles hassle free.


I crossed a few groups of paddlers which seems to be very rare and soon enough caught sight of Hurst Castle. Here I met Jes who has come to support me right back to the finish line.

The crossing was awesome. As I broke out into the flow of the west Solent, I caught the tide which was cranking through the bottleneck like a river. With the Needles in view I flew across and like on Coryvreckan day, had the illusion of the mainland spinning on the spot such was the speed I was going.

After a short coffee and sandwich break I pressed on cutting at 90 degrees to the southerly wind. Through the soggy weather to Bournmouth and beyond.

Approaching the entrance to Poole harbour I didnt think too much of more tidal assistance. That was until on crossing I realised I was being dragged into the harbour. That would have left me stuck until the turn of the tide so I paddled my nuts off to stay sea side of it….only just made it.


So a bit of excitement to end a great day. Feels rather good to be moving again. The wind has let up and should do so till Falmouth. Not wanting to jinx it or anything.

Jes hooked us up with a night at Chez Postill, home of some local river racing friends. Wonderful company, a late entry and front runner for best (most powerful) shower round Britain, and because they hadn’t done enough for me already, they donated £30 to the cause which means I’ve made my fundraising target!

The generosity of people continues to amaze me. Sincere thanks to Vince, Anne and Harry Postill and to everyone who has donated to Surfers against Sewage, it’s a great cause and I’d obviously love the money to keep coming in.

Some pics on the way plus todays post including Portland Bill, stay tuned…

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