Day 61 Littlehampton-Selsey Bill

More headwind and more frustration. I’m being robbed.

I took on a 1200kcal breakfast. I’m not suited to this high resistance stuff and it is draining me. Getting going in the morning is so hard when what lies ahead is a day of slogging and continual soakings.

Paddles on short setting, I gladly left Littlehampton and got to work in the solid force 5. Working in 90min-2hr bursts I only hit Bognor Regis after 3 sessions. There was a sailing competition running and lots of capsizes to keep me entertained whilst I munched my cheese toasty.

After negotiating the Bognor Spit (why is this not marked?) I got a brief, brief moment of shelter behind Selsey Bill. I reminisced fondly on what normal paddling felt like and was reassured that I haven’t just forgotten how to paddle.

Rounding the Bill I had fingers crossed for the wind to be in my favour, at least a side wind? But no. With the wind and flow wrapping around the Bill I was fighting for every metre. So I called it at Selsey. To be fair 8pm is a reasonable finish.


I’ve got a decent set up again, good pub and a park with my name all over it. Forecast for tomorrow much the same as today but there are opportunities to find shelter. Yaaaay.


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2 Responses to Day 61 Littlehampton-Selsey Bill

  1. I booed all the way to work this morning worrying about you feeling so fed up. What a lovely surprise to be greeted by your first check in.
    Keep focused, keep safe and I may have a little surprise for you 😉

  2. Nigel H says:

    Keep your chin up Joe. You’re on course for a new record .

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