Day 60 Shoreham-Littlehampton

Force 6 headwind. 12 nm covered. Maybe that can be the blog post?

Really horrid stuff, from leaving the sanctuary of Shoreham harbour through till landing here at Littlehampton.

I worked in bursts today. It’s impossible to sit in that stuff for 10 hours, if you miss a stroke, you’re moving backwards.

Creeping along at 2 knots I found Worthing and possibly every kitesurfer in the world. It was a great atmosphere passing through the whoops and cheers and airtimes etc. I had my knife handy though as their lines swooped ever closer to my head.



On my first break I got chatting to a guy fascinated by the Taran (not a rare occurrence) I told him about the trip and how close to the finish line I am, he replied in his American accent “well what are you doing stood here then?” good point.

I kept working my way west, and finally hit Littlehampton, it’s not on the revisit list. I’ve found a curious little campspot. Just a garden attached to an odd little brick shelter. Praying now for no unsavoury characters.

Very frustrated with weather. I guess I’d had a generally good run of it bar Anglesey and the north coast but the last few weeks have been scrappy at best. At this point lost days can’t be made up for, they’re just lost days.

More headwinds tomorrow but after that looks better. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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3 Responses to Day 60 Shoreham-Littlehampton

  1. Bec says:

    Keep your chin up Joe! Willing the good weather for you!:-)

  2. Guy S says:

    You’re making great progress despite the headwinds.
    Keep paddling and stay safe – lighter winds are forecast.

  3. Helen says:

    Loving the pics and the blog Joe, keep going, you’re doing a great job x x

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