Day 58 Hastings-Brighton

Rightly enough, the forecast had predicted the best of the day to be the morning. A rare easterly wind offering a helpful push and glorious sunshine sharpening up those tan lines. Half 8 launch, again an hour earlier would have been better, I could have just sat there and floated a few miles if I’d wanted!

I wasn’t too long to Beachy Head, stunning cliff face but hard to cast aside it’s dark history.

As often seems to happen, the wind turned as the tide did. The easterly swell that had built in the morning was now being jacked up by the opposing westerly and in the time it took me to have a quick coffee break at Deansgate, the sea had become lumpy and dumpy.

For the third day running I revised my destination and took the very safe landing of Brighton Marina. They “don’t normally do non-powered craft” but under the circumstances they were totally accommodating. I left the boat and caught the number 7 into town.


Pretty chuffed to get a free potter round Brighton. I went on a mission to get my phone serviced and failed on that front but then met with an old friend from way back for a curry. Great to see you Mike.

Bargain bed for the night at the backpackers. My phone has come back from the dead so the blog is caught up, relief.

Steady mileage but a couple of blowy days ahead. At this stage I have to scratch every mile possible whilst conserving for better conditions. It’s a balancing act for sure. Feels like the same 10/12 hour efforts were producing such good mileage only a few weeks ago but I’ve finally come to measure the success of days relative to the conditions.

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3 Responses to Day 58 Hastings-Brighton

  1. Almost there hun. Last big plea to those weather Gods and you’ll be there.
    I cannot wait to see you come home.
    Proud as always
    M xxx

  2. Nigel H says:

    Joe, Do the best you can and the record is yours and a meal in a restuarant/cafe nr Brixham.

  3. Bec says:

    Go Joe! Enjoy the last part of the challenge! 🙂

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