Day 55 Clacton-Ramsgate

An interlude between pressure systems offered a fine day to cross the Thames, and a fine crossing it was.

I staggered my launch to avoid the fading but still significant westerly winds and left the safety of the shore around 0930. I couldn’t see target land and instead my first checkpoint was the huge windfarm some 10nm offshore.

My IPod is a fine luxury for these crossings and I got through a few albums and podcasts by the time I’d reached the turbines. Enough slop on the water to prevent a mid-crossing relax so I just took a moment to grasp the scale of the turbines and pressed on.


The late afternoon was a reminder that it is actually summer. Glassy water and sun beating down  breaking through the factor 50. In the flat calm I stopped for lunch and was joined at close range by a friendly seal who was unfortunately camera shy.


(This bountiful harvest of scran provided by Clacton sailing club)

My line across the estuary would have been slightly curved as I swung west then east with the flow. All part of the plan though and I managed to miss Margate and hit the stunning Botany Bay.


Jess had been exploring Margate but easily found me then just before I put in again for the evening session, 3 distant voices came into earshot. Fran, Lenny and Walsh the Kent contingent of my Bangor uni crew had come out to meet me, amazing. Thankfully they didnt mind putting the catch-up on ice for an hour as I paddled 5 nautical as fast as I ever have.

Great evening in ramsgate most memorable for the cake tin full of Lenny’s flapjack which I will now be working my way through. Thankyou guys.

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