Day 53 Southwold-Shingle Street



My day off seeming like a distant memory, I pulled on my gear and got to work. Only a force or two lighter than yesterdays gales it was hard going against the headwind (despite the rosy looking photo) and it all affirmed yesterdays decision not to get on.

First, the haul past Sizewell nuclear plant where I saw the only porpoise I’ve seen in ages. I took a break at Aldeburgh on a shingly beach. Jess was there with offerings of cheese, olives and artisan bread but to be honest it was like feeding truffles to a dog. I was trying to shake off some sort of man-flu and loaded up on painkillers before taking on the next leg; a committing paddle around Orfordness Island. The tide was well turned and running far stronger than I’d given it credit for in planning, coupled with the headwind, I was struggling.

The mile around Orfordness lighthouse took me over an hour. 4 hours into the session, I landed desperately on the island (which has no road access) and very nearly turned back to Aldeburgh. But I’d worked hard for those miles and couldn’t face handing them back no matter how late my ETA was.

The wind remorsefully dropped down to a breeze and I ticked off the last few miles to Shingle Street. A strange, but very interesting place, I decided to save exploring until the morning.

Tried and failed to get a bed for the night and in the end settled for reclined seats in the car.

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