Day 52-Weatherbound

Checked the conditions around 9am and as predicted by the forecast it was gales. Headwind force 8 and although I deliberated for a while, it was clearly a non paddling day, the fourth so far.

Definitely got more out of the day with Jess onboard. Found a damn expensive campsite and pitched early. Then a wander over to Walberswick where the annual crabbing world championships are held. After scoping the deep channels, we took the rowboat back, 90p and about a 20 metre ride, cosy little boat.

Forecast offers a small improvement overnight. Early night and bracing for a long scratch tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Day 52-Weatherbound

  1. Julie Watt says:

    Just ‘zoomed in’ on the Google map of the beach, where your current blue marker is…Ste told me we’d see your kayak pulled up on the sand (gullible as ever…i believed it!). Hope you manage to get off again tomorrow. Weather been horrendous up here too!

  2. Catrin says:

    Nearly on the home stretch now 😀 good effort!

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