Day 51 Lowestoft-Southwold

Day 51 will be remembered as a bad paddling day. I realised early on that the Friday Thames crossing was off, the wind was onshore/headwind and strong. Consequently I waited for a weather window before launching and in doing so lost the morning and any sort of tidal assistance.

Wishing I’d just braved it earlier, I got on at 1200 and aimed for a 15-20 mile chunk.  Progress was snail paced and tempers flared when I got a crotch chilling cold splash whilst taking a leak. I took a break to try get myself together and after a debacle of a landing, enjoyed lunch on terra firma and a closer look at the sandy cliffs.


After another few hours paddling I pulled in at Southwold. I was getting nowhere and a thunder storm was starting to spark. Southwold offered a good set-up for getting sorted. I found residence for the boat, but none for myself. More despair as every b&b was at capacity but it served me right for being so soft. As I pitched my tent in a skatepark, Jess called to say she was heading my way. Day saver.

Some tough days ahead. The weather and crossing will require discipline, good decision making and lots of cake.

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4 Responses to Day 51 Lowestoft-Southwold

  1. Bec says:

    Hey joe, can’t believe how far you have got! Caught up with your mum on her return from seeing you in Hull! She is mega proud of you! Stay safe and keep paddling! Bec and Tim x

    • Bec, don’t know if tim got my twitter message to you both? Huge thankyou for the provisions and support! That was some seriously good stuff you sent!! X

      • Bec says:

        We did thanks! Glad you enjoyed the treats! You can tell I’m a foodie choosing it all- Tim did steal a large bar of chocolate! I was intregued by the power jelly beans! Ha! You are doing so well! 🙂

  2. Linda Easy says:

    I am avidly following and enoying your posts. Wishing you God speed for the rest of your journey – all down hill now Joe, so keep strong and keep going. Very well done for the fantastic progress you have made so far.

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