Day 50 Renton-Lowestoft

Stunning, stunning morning. No tent nonsense, I just shut the car door, grabbed my boat, and walked away.


It was real sunbathing weather and in hindsight, me paddling only inches from the beach was probably just a yearning to be on it.

I took lunch a few miles early of the plan and treated myself to fish and chips which I enjoyed in the company of the Sea Palling RNLI boys. Had to make a return visit to the chippy though after being short fished.


The lunch hour melted away as quick as my ice cream and soon turned into 90 minutes. I eventually got on and grinded out the miles. Shades and cap on, earphones in, I reckon I looked like a real player in the game.

Great Yarmouth, a fairly major checkpoint.The funfair juxtaposed against the adjacent power station was the backdrop for my 2 mile race with a jogger who turned inland before the finish line. Draw.

Having had the peaceful evening paddle ruined by some droning jetskis I pulled up at Corton, a tactical mile short of Lowestoft. I met a hang glider packing away after landing. He was delirious with hunger so it was a fine opportunity to do someone else a good turn. A snickers sorted him out enough to give me a lift with my boat. Is that still a good deed?

I still had time after the late finish to stash my boat in the brachan and get a pint at a dull as dishwater pub. To make matters worse I was charged 80p a bottle to fill up my water. I couldn’t be bothered to protest and instead decided I’d just blog about it. Yeah now he’s sorry.

Good mileage, mostly good people. Mostly good day…mostly.

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  1. Ruskin says:

    nice 😉

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