Day 49 Burnham Market-Renton

Awesome morning in a lovely setting but another late start. Currently trying to stave off a dip in morale after a bit of a false finish around Hull. The problem started way back at Seaham really, when I started paddling for the finish line. Truly ridiculous behaviour but confounded by the poor weather around Flamborough and subsequent easing off the gas.

It was a great morning; flat water and the unexpected seal mecca at Blakeney Point. It’s a sin that I didnt get snaps but battery was flat. The seals mobbed me as I passed and the most keen amongst them followed for a good mile.

Not making any sort of decent mileage but enjoying the amber coloured cliffs and myriad of groynes, I pulled in at Sheringham. I picked up 3, then made a beeline for the Funky Mackerel, a trendy beachside cafe. Good flapjack, but unconvincing reception. I don’t think the guy was impressed at me waltzing in all soggy and sandy.

After a decent late afternoon stint, I was keen to get the most out of the day I tried to glean some local knowledge from a pair who were playing in the small surf on sit on tops. Whilst they knew of no campsites an hour or so ahead, they recommended their spot as a good one and reckoned a campsite to be up the steep hill and only 200 yards along. The campsite turned out to be a mission away and when I finally arrived it was £16 + £20 deposit. I’ll never know what the deposit was for and I never want to know. I dropped my boat with the sit on toppers then after returning from a quick pilgrimage, snapped up the offer of sleeping in Tony’s car.

Big up yourselves Tony and John.

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2 Responses to Day 49 Burnham Market-Renton

  1. John Magnall says:

    The blog and the progress tells it all, Joe. No two ways about it you are doing brilliantly.

  2. Julie Watt says:

    You’re nearly there, Joe. It must have been really hard to get going again after seeing your folks, but rounding the last ‘bend’ will spur you on. We’re all rooting for you!. Jules (Peel, Isle of Man..Friday 24th June)

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