Day 48 Mablethorpe-Burnham Market

Breakfast at the b&b was livened up by a talking parrot and while the breakfast was nothing to get excited about, it knocked spots off the usual muesli and uht situation.

The morning refuge from the wet weather soon descended into a nonsense when, by the time I’d repacked the boat and picked up some sunglasses and a new roll mat it was an 1115 start. The water was flat and at Anderby Creek I enjoyed a chap manually trawling a net along the shoreline, turned out he was after peeler crabs.

My departure point for the crossing of The Wash was Ingoldmells, partly to save a few miles but mostly to avoid Skegness. I could sense some scepticism on the end of the line when I called in the 17nm crossing, departing at 1500, but the crossing was smooth despite fighting a flow which I’d underestimated the strength of.

My reward was the football on the radio as signal was being kind. The real reward was the landing spot which wasn’t really Burnham Market but the dunes seaward of. I shared the idyllic spot with nesting Little Terns and made sure to give them space when pitching.


Now trying to plan for Thames crossing. Potentially Friday but dependant on weather and me putting in 3 long steady days to set it up.

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3 Responses to Day 48 Mablethorpe-Burnham Market

  1. Spike Milligan “Said Baby tern to Mummy tern, ‘Can I have a brother?’ Said Mummy tern to baby tern – ‘Yes – one good tern deserves …another!!
    I’ve been waiting years to use that one.
    Mum x

  2. John Magnall says:

    Takes some coming to terms with the speed of developments as southern names start to feature. Then the map shows it all coming together. But you having the Thames in your sights already is just amazing. Brilliant Joe.

  3. Michael Dempster says:

    I’m keeping track most days now 🙂 looking forward to seeing you in the South matey!!!

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