Day 47 Withernsea-Mablethorpe

Day 47 is brought to you by Sharky’s of Mablethorpe. Fun and entertainment for all ages!

Wrench of a start, leaving comfy bed and mod cons and back out in amongst it. Weather great though. A short cag day.


To start, a warm up paddle along pretty nondescript coastline to spurn head. The crossing to Donna Nook was short but I called it in with Humber coastguard given the amount of shipping traffic. The only event of note was a pilot boat heading right for me and doing so as I changed my course to try and avoid it. I was getting twitchy but it slowed down at the last moment. They just wanted to say hi. Great.

I was moving well, carving along the side wind again and knew I’d hit Donna Nook when I was surrounded by seals from the sanctuary.

The last section was a cruise to Mablethorpe, I couldn’t really fathom how I’d clocked the miles so effortlessly. Waiting on the beach for me was a generous family turnout. With help from the RLNI boys (respect), and Graham and David from Sharky’s Bar (peace) I found somewhere for the boat and I to stay, not together though.

A family meal to say goodbye to the Hull crowd, memorable garlic bread backed up with a scranny steak.

Tomorrow solo, I’m desperate to find bigger mileage again.

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2 Responses to Day 47 Withernsea-Mablethorpe

  1. Karen Pearson says:

    I’ve had a fab few days Joe and it has been a great experience attempting to provide some sort of land support. I have a long way to go before I reach Jes’s standard.
    I have especially loved the way people rallied round and went out of their way to help.
    Big thanks to The Wet and Wild crew in Hull for their support and the loan of the compass.
    Many thanks also to David and Graham from Sharky’s and the Mablethorpe RNLI Baywatch crew who couldn’t help enough.
    Keep paddling Joe
    Lots of Love
    Mum xxx

  2. Helen says:

    Was great to see you Joe, but now it’s time to get a shift on!! Good luck with the rest of your journey, paddle safe x x

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