Day 45 Flamborough-Hornsea

Waking up in a b&b and weather report suggesting possible rest day (first since Anglesey) on account of wild wind. I could feel my body rejoicing and my back straightening out.

Breakfast was a dream, endless fruit and yoghurt, cereals and full English! Not a drop of the usual uht in sight. However I didnt remember asking for the side order of cringe burger as the owner of the b&b announced my trip to the roomful of guests.

The plan was to take a look at Flamborough Head just to get a measure of what the forecast translated to in reality so as to make a more informed call the next day. However, on inspection conditions were benign. Totally paddleable. I couldn’t just take it as a rest day because tomorrow weather looked worse, so it fell to jes to talk me round and fair play he pitched it perfectly.

Even just to get the crossing of Bridlington bay out of the way would be handy.

Only a few hours after rounding Flamborough head and setting out on the crossing, I caught sight of some pretty ominous looking clouds heading at me. With nowhere to run, I just kept paddling for Hornsea using the many cardinal marks as my handrail. In no time at all, a squall carrying solid force 8 winds was all over me. No huge drama, I just got low for stability and faced into it until, after 5 minutes, it had passed.

The storm that followed was a different story. Black columns of cloud and lightening strikes every other minute.

For a time I was directly under it, and while I couldn’t say how dangerous kayaking in a lightening storm is, I didnt want to find out. I was petrified but reassured myself by thinking whales and dolphins never get zapped..

Jes guided me in through a potentially awkward landing then it was an evening catching up with family and another night on a bed all timed expertly to miss the bad weather and catch the England game.

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