Day 44 Whitby-Flamborough

Despite the weather swinging to a stiff headwind, I didn’t really factor it in to my days planning so it was a long old paddle.

First past childhood favourite, Robin Hood’s Bay, then along the limestone cliffs to Scarborough. Nasty, nasty Scarborough. But an hour off and a coffee which was a real diamond in the rough, shame about the fish and chips.

Filey Brigg is a long spit of submerged rocks which cuts rudely across the natural line one would take. Gaps in the waves breaking over the Brigg tempt a shortcut but the penalty for getting this wrong is a broken boat, so I declined and instead went round.

After trying to cut direct to Flamborough and becoming frustrated by slow progress, I took an hour to cut into the shelter of the cliffs. Unfortunately, the headwind was being funneled by the high cliffs which meant progress was painful for the last few hours. Incredible bird colonies in the high cliffs, tonnes of gannets and a massive puffin population sweetened the pill.


I cancelled on Bridlington and opted for North Landing, where both Jes and my Mum were waiting on the beach.

Lovely evening catching up and working my way through a mixed grill. Even scored a night in a b&b. Such luxury!


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One Response to Day 44 Whitby-Flamborough

  1. Bec says:

    That’s some serious food! Looking forward to hearing all the news when your mum returns later! Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming! Bec 🙂

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