Day 43 Seaham-Whitby

There’s been a bit of a realisation. I have started thinking about how soon I could be home, and whilst a big part of me wants the adventure to last forever, I am seriously looking forward to a return to normality. So now the morning wake up has become easy.

This wake up was particularly good because not only had the morning sun and breeze left my kit crispy dry, but also the police who called by last night had sent their colleagues down with a McBreakfast for me! Unbelievable kindness. A huge thank you to them.

So onwards, past the red roofs of Hartlepool, accoss the busy mouth of the Tees and to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a surf beach where surfers go to surf. Here I’d planned to meet Jes for another stint of land support, well ready for the company and help and even more ready to make land for a rest, I called Jes from outside the break line of what seemed to be some pretty big surf. He was explaining the safest line in but my reply of “it looks pretty big” was cut short by a head height breaker mashing in steeply. A pretty nasty set rolled through and as I tried to pick up the various articles which had been removed from my front deck I was washing machined twice more. Eventually I retrieved the kit and retreated seawards all soggy and sorry.

“Sorry Jes, just got distracted there.” We agreed that in the heavy swell that a harbour was the only safe option, the next one being Whitby. I’d had my heart and belly set on a rest and feed at Saltburn so had perhaps gone a bit kamikaze on the energy use.

A 3hr kick on to Whitby took me past stunning cliffs and I soon dried out in the sun. I cruised into the harbour and there began what will be a 3 or 4 day walk down memory lane. Many day trips and weekends away spent at various spots along this stretch during my childhood. Many warm memories but not of the Dracula Experience, Whitby, nothing warm about that at all.

Jes had already scouted a campsite which, miserly owner aside, made a great place for me to do a full boat shake down and kit service while Jes worked some carbon and 2-part resin magic. 



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