Day 40 Dunbar-Berwick

Nothing says good morning like wet and sandy kit. I couldn’t hang around though, because I’d seen last night how quickly my beach launch would drain to an impossible rock garden on the ebbing tide.

Paddling was slow to begin, less than 3kn against wind and tide so it would take a long days paddling to make it across the border.

I’d hoped the Scottish coastline wouldn’t go out with a whimper, hopes realised at St Abbs Head which was carpeted with guillemots and had many gulleys and coves begging to be explored, in a plastic boat.


Return of the oyster catchers today as well as the usual puffins, kittiwakes and terns. Plenty of seals sniffing around too.

Berwick offered my first stress free landing in a week, soft seaweed and a deserted beach to hide the boat on. Managed a whistlestop tour of posh Berwick, where all the cars are clean,  and even caught the second half of the football. I figured if I get up at 5am tomorrow, then I can justify watching the England game! Dream big.


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3 Responses to Day 40 Dunbar-Berwick

  1. John Magnall says:

    What a photo. Tent, kayak, closes etc hung out to dry. They say “Picture worth a thousand words” and this one is priceless !. Great, great going Joe.

  2. marianne says:

    Looking good Joe. Glad you caught some footie too 🙂

  3. sally harris says:

    Hi Joe, nice to meet you in the surf at Dunbar reefs! Good luck with the rest of your trip, may mother nature be kind to you! Love Sally and Laura, east coast surfers.

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