Day 38 Inverbervie-Arbroath

The weather was a return of the easterly wind which, to be fair, was more peckish than hungry. Wind combined with driving rain (sodden kit) and obligatory dumping surf launch meant I took the soft option of aiming for Arbroath rather than considering a subsequent crossing of St Andrews bay.

By the time I launched, the tide was very favourable and there was enough north in the wind that it was with me. I completed my 20nm in 4hr30. The last hour was arches in red rock (sandstone I think) and I took time to have a nosey.


I probably shouldn’t have picked Arbroath harbour as my finish point, camping and landing likely to be minimal in a town centre. The harbour master suggested another mile south which proved to be fruitless. After a slog back against the elements, I returned to the harbour and I pulled in at a boatyard where I saw something I’ve been chasing for weeks.

It was fellow circumnavigator, Martin Lee’s boat. Real shame to miss out on a catch up as he’d headed to Edinburgh, he can now look forward to the “you’re the second one this week.”

I got changed and put the boat next to Martin’s. Didnt really want to sleep in the boat yard without permission so I decided to explore my options in town. I then realised I was locked in. No way I was getting back on the water so I jumped a high wall and hit up the first chippy I saw. We have a new front runner in the fish and chips stakes, the Golden Haddock, Arbroath.

I couldn’t turn down a room for £20 so I drank enough to tea to drown a whale then bath and bed. Great!

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2 Responses to Day 38 Inverbervie-Arbroath

  1. I’ve booked the ferry for Thursday so if you could get your arse in gear it would be much appreciated 😉
    M x

  2. Helen says:

    Paddle swiftly, we’re coming to stalk you x x

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