Day 37 Aberdeen-Inverbervie

After losing my mapcase and compass in yesterdays carnage I had to wait for shops to open so I could get replacements. I passed on the compass, instead choosing to rely on my deck compass but when it finally came to launch time, I realised that some nice person had taken it last night. I hope they have a good use for a deck mounted compass because I certainly did.

Whilst saying my goodbyes to Wardy, yesterdays dog walker returned, 8 dogs today. Ridiculous.

Bit of wild water racing to begin as I sped down the river onto the sea. Aberdeen bay was flat and the sun was shining (this did not last). I was joined by about 8 bottlenose dolphins, one with a bent dorsal fin poor guy.


After the late start and time lost pestering the dolphins I was keen to put down some miles, but it wasn’t to be. A text off wardy to say the long awaited next map had arrived in the mail, meant I needed to pull into Stonehaven where we could meet for a pick up. The fog set in. Genuine scotch mist which reduced vis down to only a few boat lengths at times. I was glued to the gps which was saving me from straying out to sea.

I crawled my way into Stonehaven and picked up the map, second round of goodbyes with Wardy then a nice old chap asked if I’d travelled far. He turned out to be Mr Tunnock as in teacakes and caramel wafers! The absolute champion he donated 40 notes to the fundraising!

Managed to scratch another 10nm through the fog which brought me to Inverbervie. Apart from the dumping surf beach, I’d hit the jackpot again. Tidy little camp spot to ride out the gross weather through the night. To the pub to recharge.

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One Response to Day 37 Aberdeen-Inverbervie

  1. Catrin says:

    Can’t believe you met Mr Tunnock :-O what a legend!

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