Day 36 Boddam-Aberdeen

Returned to the forgettable town of Boddam and whilst launching in amongst the dead birds I found a big octopus. Cool.

Headwind was nowhere near as bad as expected but the heavy seas remained.Only a 20nm run to Aberdeen and another night out of the weather to look forward to.

The first half of the day was a scenic stretch. Arches and caves and the usual array of seabirds keeping me company.


The second half of the day was a 10nm paddle across a heavy surf zone. The zone had no outer edge to go round and big waves were forming randomly and suddenly. As I attempted to slalom around the breakers I looked left at a wall of water. No time to turn I tucked in and got pasted. I rode the wave, upside down and sideways and after 10 seconds or so of being ragged around, rolled. Lost my map and compass in the drama, but had to just press on, the alternative being a surf landing onto a dune in the middle of nowhere.

Was wiped out 3 more times on the way to Bridge of Don. One wipe out took me all the way into the beach where I thought better of the early exit and headed back out. To be honest, I was quite enjoying the excitement. The run out- sand, the Taran and rudder robust and my roll working fine.

When I eventually arrived at my target I had to suss out a safe approach through the surf and up the river. I came in too narrow and was wiped out one more time. I beached on the corner of the entrance and decided to wheel round to the meet point passing a man walking 6 dogs.

The 8 pack of coke I’d put in the front hatch for trim, was down to 5 as the violent shaking exploded 3 of them!

Spent the evening dipping back into society now that I no longer smell as bad as I look. Pizza out then film. Another night on a bed, so good that I slept through a fire alarm.

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7 Responses to Day 36 Boddam-Aberdeen

  1. Catriona Woods says:

    wow. be caareful out there joe. and good luck, have loads of fun but keep safety and caution close

  2. Bec says:

    Hero! πŸ™‚

  3. Butler says:

    Haha awesome.

  4. You’re doing so well Joe – it only seems like a few days ago when we waved you goodbye from Lundy Island. keep up the good work – and come back and see us in Devon any time to enjoy it in a more leisurely way πŸ™‚

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