Day 35 Rosehearty-Boddam

Good solid start fuelled by a fry up on the fire by Wardy (Scouse answer to Ray Mears). Buoyed by the feed and a glimmer of sun, I left full of optimism, short cag and sun cream. Must have jinxed the weather as sun gave way to cloud and cold wind. Pushed out 5 hours then took a break in the shelter of a sand dune.

I paddled past the wreck and sand spit where Martin had trouble yesterday. There’s a tide race wrapping around a sand spit and combined with swell running onto the bank, conditions were spicy. I can totally see how Martin was caught out, even without yesterdays swell I had to go a long way out to avoid trouble.

On to Peterhead, a very busy port. Really tricky to time the run across the harbour entrance and I was struggling against the tide when the line of a serious tanker and mine where converging horribly. I kept paddling but when the ship sounded it’s deafening horn I changed my mind and took a hard left.

I pulled in at Boddam. Slightly disappointing mileage soon forgotten about when Wardy picked me up and I got a night out of the weather. Incredible pie for tea and a life changing shower. Feeling human again.

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2 Responses to Day 35 Rosehearty-Boddam

  1. “Guys like you don’t get seen of by a tanker” or something like that Lethal Weapon 😉
    Be careful
    Mum X

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