Day 33 Lossiemouth-Buckie

Truly shattered and feeling hungover from yesterdays shenanigans, I couldn’t feel too guilty about a lie in to recover.

Midday launch as I tried my best to be sociable with a family interested in the trip. Sorry guys.

1 month in to the trip and I have found exped fitness but trying to paddle today I felt flat. Head aching and feeling sick I aborted my crossing of Spey bay and pulled into Buckie.

12nm, something more than nothing but with no big crossings for a few days it’s time to get efficient and look at 2/3 day averages rather than flashes in the pan.

Pub within staggering distance of the harbour I met loads of great Scots and enjoyed a much needed evening off and soaked up some bank holiday atmosphere.


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2 Responses to Day 33 Lossiemouth-Buckie

  1. Tom Lefavour says:

    Even young men need to rest.
    Keep up the good work, and have a pint for us old guys!

  2. barry shaw says:

    Hey Joe you’re flying. Just been watching your IOM TV interview and you looked knackered. Don’t forget to rest occassionally. Well done you’re doing great.

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