Day 29 Kearvaig-Talmine

Reluctantly left the bothie. NE wind howling I knew exactly what was in store, pure slog.

Surf launch then out of the bay and…headwind. Inescapable and constant. Pogies and hat staving off the worst of the chill I just pushed. It was a Buddhist day, no idea of where I would get until I got there. The coastline was grand cliffs and more stacks and some swell beaten gullies trying to tempt me into

Squadrons of gannets, abundant puffins and a common dolphin cutting up my path. Skuas (which it turns out is the bird that went for me on day 1) had me flinching as they would sneak out of sight behind me.

I paddled past An Garbh-eilean which is the island the millitary bomb, supposedly not today but 2 deafening fighter planes made me wonder as they headed that way.

I worked my way through more heavy sea and whilst reaching back for lunch had a wobble that tested both my high brace and the watertightness of my lunchbox. No chance to take a leak then. 8 hours later arrived in the sheltered and beautiful village of Talmine. I met a great guy called Llewellen who lent me his bike and to get up to the pub and abetted my unsolicited use of campsite facilities. I generally avoid sites as the cumulative cost over 80 days would be a small fortune.

I did however, take my broken lighter as a sign that I should have fish and chips. Hung out at the hotel/pub then sleep to the sound of sea.


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2 Responses to Day 29 Kearvaig-Talmine

  1. Bec says:

    Good choice to fill up on fish and chips! Love reading your blogs and hearing about your adventure! Amazing! Bec x

  2. Llewelyn Owen says:

    Hi Joe,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and being of a little help. Val and I are now back home in North Wales and will be following your blog.We admire your determination, the best of british. Good luck for the rest.

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