Day 30 Talmine-Thurso


Woke up to a Pete’s Eats mug of tea. Llewellen had wandered over from the campsite and was a brilliant extra pair of hands while I broke camp and got ready and he even made me take a full apple and cinnamon loaf, although I didnt resist too much. By the time I left there was a small send off party.

The wind a definite force or two lighter than yesterday I sensed an opportunity to get properly moving again. Reassuringly uneventful passage east and across the Dounreay nuclear station where for 2 hours I kept my mouth firmly shut (thanks Steve). Like some sort of Greenpeace poster there was glorious sunshine over the nearby wind farm while the power plant was grim cloud.

I settled on Thurso for the landing. A decent sized town for restocking and well placed for the run through Pentland Firth. Had to first edge my way through the irritating clapotis caused by the swell and sheer cliffs. Almost 2 hours of pulling at thin air every other stroke and bouncing on spiky water.

Real relief to turn the corner and see Thurso bay. Landed just as Pentland canoe club were packing up from a session and was met at the beach by Stewart, a club member who helped me haul the boat up to the store. The good luck continued in style as Ken (club sec and all round good guy) offered me use of the boatstore for the night and some great tips on the Firth. Stewart very kindly ran me into town for a Tesco run and in an outrageous act of generosity went halves on my shopping!

Double bonus in that a quick check of the tides mean a pm start tomorrow. Legitimate, permitted lie in!!!

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4 Responses to Day 30 Talmine-Thurso

  1. Morning Joe, hope you have had a good nights sleep. Still can’t believe how well you are doing and love hearing your tales about all of the amazing people you are meeting along the way. We are hoping to catch the Olympic torch later on it’s travels across the island. I will be thinking of you.
    Take care, and keep up the amazing work.
    Mum xxx

  2. Half way mate! Congratulations, keep on pushing you’re doing amazingly. The images from NW Scotland look incredible, best of luck as you turn the corner and start heading south. Mat

  3. John Magnall says:

    And now Lossiemouth from Wick in a piece. That’s another substantial shift you’ve put in. What you’ve clocked up in 3 days could have taken weeks. No doubting you mean business.

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