Day 28 Kinlochbervie-Kearvaig

Wind blowing much like yesterday and now getting me down. Down because I’m so far from home and down because I’ve lost momentum. I know I’m extremely lucky to be here and it’s a stunning place but 4 weeks is taking its toll.

I had to leave Kinlochbervie, not exactly the most uplifting place. Off I went, tailwind for a short time but then I turned the corner and yeah, such a hungry wind. Full on pogies and cag weather but they were in the back hatch and there were no good landings. I kicked on, past twisting stacks and high cliffs which I swear the wind was blowing through.

4 hours slogging and finally I found an awkward but doable landing 3 or 4 miles short of the Cape. The stop was needed to feed and get warm but it would probably mean another day stuck on the west. Cooked up a few exped packs, rank but forced it down. Coming up to 7pm I took the itchy feet decision to go for the Cape. I didnt care that it was rough or late or even that the tide was against me, the payoff would be worth it if only for morale.

Conditions were wild, and towards the high end of what I am happy to be in. But fuelled on adrenaline I pushed through the haystacks and clapotis at about 1 knot and with a huge grin, turned the corner to put the west behind me.

Soon after the Cape I found Kearvaig beach which was a surf landing requiring lots of concentration. I never knew what a bothie was but god bless them. “An open house for hikers and people who like lonely places” I guess that’s me.


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10 Responses to Day 28 Kinlochbervie-Kearvaig

  1. Linda Easy says:

    Don’t get too despondent, you are doing a FANTASTIC job and I guess you have hundreds of followers, who just like me are avidly reading your blogs and are right behind you……..keep going!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. As Linda puts it Joe you ARE doing a fantastic job. Keep that chin up. You will soon be heading south soon and as people keep pointing out it’s downhill from there so should be a breeze πŸ˜‰
    I will be sending the troops out on the east coast to feed you up. We all love you tons Joe.
    The girls and Dan have a big map of the UK and are updating your progress daily with new stickers to mark your journey and Nanna has been telling her carers all about you. I think I’ll send her a map and some stickers too.
    I am also making it my mission this week to get your sponsorship up to the half way mark. I am getting people to sponsor me to shut up about you for 24 hours. That’s a very tall order.
    Keep it up
    Tons of Love
    Mum XXX

  3. John Magnall says:

    “taking its toll” ? – I don’t think so. You, Joe Leach are a sticker and you always will be. Recognised that about you early on. You start something and you stick at it and see it through. Always thought it special in one so young and it’s a large part of what makes you outstanding. If I was to offer advice from my armchair it might be to maybe not get too ambitious for the next 2 or 3 days. Just play straight bat. But what do I know. You are in your element and doing great.

  4. Daphne tilley says:

    Congratulations, what a fantastic acheivement, you are totally amazing!! We await your blogs with great admiration! You have even got our secretary Lucy hooked! She’s the one who reads it all out to us! Keep taking all those beautiful photos. Hoping that the wind will be helping you along soon, not far to go to have the wind at your back! X

  5. Catrin says:

    Don’t let it get you down Joe – you’re doing great! Remeber every stroke brings you closer to your goal, and like you say, the West is behind you now. That is one huge part of the challenge already completed πŸ™‚

  6. John Magnall says:

    Pls excuse, don’t mean to hog the blog.
    Checking the map and find you’ve floored it. Talmine Bay and all stations east already.
    Hope you slow for that right hander before Norway.
    What was it with the Kearvaig bothie that kept you from sleeping ? Rowdy there on a Wednesday ?
    Awesome Joe – of course.

  7. Michael Butler says:

    Keeping smashing it joe, jealous as fook right now im living in Uni and you living on the Coastline! Sack up, suck it up and smash that record. Remember All Saints and James Blunt is fantastic to sing and paddle too :-s love xxx

  8. John Magnall says:

    Thurso ?!
    You cannot be serious. Reckon you are getting greedy eating up these miles now. Leave at least some for later. Pheenomeeeeenal !

  9. Max Wild says:

    Really glad that the Kearvaig photo came out and even more glad that your Mum did not see you coming ashore in that stormy surf!!
    You are making fantastic progress – well done.

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