Day 27 Handa Island-Kinlochbervie

“An easterly wind is a hungry wind in every sense of the word”


After night paddling and making land at stupid o clock, I only wanted to sleep. The North Easterly wind had been building through the night and everything was pointing towards a rest day, the first since Anglesey.

Scanned the map to find the next town where I could at least resupply and charge up. Had a quick nosey round Handa which is scenic and full of birds (most of which were alien to me).

3 hour battle to Kinlochbervie where only an army picking up 3 for a lifetime could salvage, and to the pub where I gleaned some decent sounding tidal info on Cape Wrath and Pentland Firth and the killer quote about the hungry wind. Amazing how a sentence can mean so much and so little at the same time.

Putting the night paddling on hold and instead concentrating on preparing logistically and psychologically for the next day.

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