Day 26 Rubha Reidh-Handa Island

Back to unsupported, but I did have my shadow for company on the sea bed through clear water. Feeling refreshed and on the crest of 4 really great days. Jes has done the unenviable job of waiting on headlands, preparing meals and generally picking up loose ends. Also, nice touch, we began to compete on the litterpicking stakes.

Anyway, on I went, 27nm to pt of Stoer, after which I took 3 or 4 hours on a beach then wandered up to a farmhouse to fill water bottles.


Tonight my first intentional shift of night paddling. Put on at 2130 and paddled through sunset to Handa Island. It doesn’t get dark for long up here but it was when I arrived, searching blindly for a landing spot. More by luck than judgement, I found a beauty of a beach. I wouldn’t know quite how good till dawn but I scranned some wraps and got my bivi on.

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  1. What an amazing photo x

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