Day 22 Seil-Tobermorey

My new plan of attack; paddle only with the tide and sleep on the unfavourable flow.

Conveniently this afforded me a sweet lie in as the tide wouldn’t become useful till 2pm. Tent was a sweat box though so I got up and cooked food and generally tinkered with kit.

The paddle out of the shallow Seil Sound was a treat. Shells and coral in pastel colours, water crystal clear.

Eventually broke out and over to the Sound of Mull. A 20km long and 2km narrow, this is a place to have tidal flow in favour.

On the sound I could have been paddling a k1 it was so flat. To be fair to the Taran I was holding 5 knots easily with surprisingly little tidal push.

Only minutes after the turn of the tide I arrived at the idyllic Tobermorey. Shower at the youth hostel then a short sleep on the slipway next to my boat. Early start tomorrow.


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