Day 21 Kilberry Head-Seil

Woke to the sound of cows eating the grass around my tent. Trundled up the Sound of Jura and made a special effort to avoid mission control’s warnings of meandering up a dead end. Easy enough, just keep Jura in direct sight.

Tail wind and flat water I felt it felt like calm before storm given that I had next to paddle past the infamous Coryvreckan. I could hear the race before I got anywhere near it. Today was a calm day on neap tides but it still felt like she was trying to reel me in. As I island hopped my way along, breaking in and out of small rivers, there was the illusion of the islands rotating. It was the tide whipping me in an arc around them. Pretty cool.

After the excitement and an audience with 100 seals, just a north heading push through Seil Sound and chasing the promise of a pub, I pushed on. The extra effort totally worth it as I hit the jackpot. Although the chef had gone home, the legend of a bartender knocked up fish and chips (proven to be my optimal fuel) while I plugged in and got charged up, on Guiness.

After a satisfying feed, I got the charts out for some planning and was joined by a doom monger. Pick of the bunch was “only one guy ever tried to paddle round Scotland and he died!” About ready to tell him where to go, I instead chose to make tracks and on my leaving he bizarrely insisted on picking up my tab. Result!

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3 Responses to Day 21 Kilberry Head-Seil

  1. I have missed your blogs Joe. There is defo a best seller waiting to happen.
    Tons of hugs M x

  2. Ruskin says:

    doing great, how about some photos, please 🙂

  3. Bec says:

    All sounds stunning Joe! Keep up the ace work- love the blogs too! Bec & Tim x

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