Day 20 Machrihanish-Kilberry Head

Another undisciplined start. 1030 by the time I was in. Made great time to a caravan park in Glenbar where I was to pick up my first resupply package. Jess at the Falmouth end, and Anne from the park at this end made it a pretty straightforward exercise.

I was tempted however, by the offer of a one way lift to the nearest shop. Glenbar convenience store; where nothing happens quickly. It was 1600 by the time sticks were in the water again!

Caught the very last of the tide through Gigha Sound (Gigha being God’s island) and left Kintyre. Paddling late to recover lost time I had the paddle of my life. Tranquil water and a panorama of Scottish islands. As the sun set behind the Paps of Jura, I botched a camp on some rocks. Short on water and power but it doesn’t matter. Belly full of food and bed.

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1 Response to Day 20 Machrihanish-Kilberry Head

  1. So good to hear you have food, I have been obsessing about you fading away.
    Keep up the good work hun.
    Big hugs
    Mum xxx

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