Day 19 Port Muck-Machrihanish

Broke camp around 10 and had amazing run with the tide, quickly passed East and West Maiden  The crossing is a glorious one, surrounded by a panorama of Scottish and Irish land.

Flew across in around five hours but spent another two and a half pulling back into land and pushing up Kintyre to find a decent camp.

I found one. An incredible wild camp probably only accessible from sea, my home for the night was a steep sided valley fronted by a beach and heavily decked in a century’s stranded miscellany. Retro cuts such as Stickle Bricks and some awesome driftwoods.

I shared the spot with sheep, goats and the grave of who I presumed to be a lost mariner.

Made a fire but didn’t stay awake long. Great day and weather prospects looking perfect.


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4 Responses to Day 19 Port Muck-Machrihanish

  1. barry shaw says:

    Joe, the date on the grave. Was it 16th May sometime at the beginning 1900’s?

  2. Daphne tilley says:

    Facinated to follow your progress. Full of admiration, WELL DONE!! Good luck for the next bit of the trip, hope this weather holds, as Scotland is beautiful in the sunshine! Lots of love from your new Welsh friends!
    Daphne, Willy and Vinny

  3. Bec says:

    You are doing so well joe! Keep paddling and enjoy the trip! Love Bec and Tim x

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