Day 17 Ardglass-Portavogie

F4 headwind, tough going.

Allowed myself a long lie in after the two successive crossings which have drained me. After all, what progress would I really be making in the headwind?

The charity continued as the guys who let me camp also did a mean fry up, Amazing. Amazingly necessary given that I’m now at minimum weight to the point where it’s affecting my paddling and general energy levels.

Eventually got on to paddle and in 6.5 hours made only 15NM. Keen to get off in time to wind down and eat properly, I settled on Portavogie which, to be honest, looked a little rough round the edges. Was horrified to find the town had no pub, but I did get offered a garden to camp in. 

Crashed out to background noise of gang warfare. Lovely.

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One Response to Day 17 Ardglass-Portavogie

  1. John Magnall says:

    Good to see the Kintyre pin go in. Have never watched the weather so closely as now. Hope its been as good for you today as it has here and that the coming days are as forecast. If you could use me for anything – land support at any stage ? or chasing up anything (I wondered if GPS was as it should be) just give me a try. Have been reading up on sea kayak paddlers – that is some school you are in. Good stuff Joe.

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