Day 16 Port st Mary-Ardglass

Ok, a little further south than I’d hoped but I’m here, in one piece.

Couldn’t justify, in terms of the trip, not paddling to Ireland today. I think its the shortest route and the one which offers the least likelihood of becoming weatherbound again.

So after just one short evening at home, I set off from Port St Mary waved away by Jan & Terry and my mum.

The first half hour was a cruise along my old stomping ground which takes in the Sugarloaf, a huge stack covered in Guillemots, and The Sound, which separates the Isle of Man from the Calf of Man. There I had a porpoise for company before I shot through with the tide and headed west (I thought).

The crossing took around 11hrs which was longer than expected due to paranormal compass activity. Compasses weren’t corresponding and at one point the deck compass did a full spin!

Anyway, hit land just north of Ardglass and was relieved to get permission to camp on a farm. However, just as I was falling asleep some idiot began tapping at my tent turned out to be a cat which was funny until it started clawing my stuff. I made it really clear how I felt about that, then fell asleep, shattered.


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One Response to Day 16 Port st Mary-Ardglass

  1. Michael Butler says:

    What I would of done to be able to do that crossing with you again bro! Keep going hard, watching on from NZ. You know what I want to say really, so I wont say it 😉 love xx

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