Day 15 Cemlyn-Port St Mary

No two ways about it, 40NM is a long crossing, and the paddling won’t do itself.

Although psychologically hungry for paddling, 3 days off seems to have sapped me physically. I was extra slow and extra faffy getting launched. It should have been straight forward, given the size of the incentive to get home to the Isle of Man, but every stroke was a conscious effort and I was lethargic.

Making slow and pretty boring but definite progress towards shadowy outlines of Mann, the monotony was broken by the low, fast surfacing of a Minke Whale. That had been high on the wishlist.

I pushed on with the island now firmly in sight and stepped up the pace. I knew there were bound to be a few folk waiting at Port St Mary, but I was blown away to see so many close friends turn out for me. After a few interviews with press, it was quick pint, crucial lasagne, deep soak and bed.

Great to be back on the move.


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6 Responses to Day 15 Cemlyn-Port St Mary

  1. John says:

    Blimey Joe, Have only just cottoned on to this. Saw manxnet vid clip this morning so have upgraded you from “star” to “superstar”. Will take spare bat to Arbory tonight in case you forgot to pack yours. Shoes ? can’t help you there.

  2. barry shaw says:

    Well done Joe. You’re going really well and knocking the miles away. It must be great to be back on the island. Take care, Barry

  3. It was so great to see you Joe arrive yesterday. I thought I was going to burst when Jan spotted your light and you raced in. You are doing so well and I was so impressed with your decision to push on when the alternative was so much warmer and cosier.
    I have always been very proud of you Joe and always wil be.
    Mum x

  4. marianne says:

    Nice one you. Take care and enjoy 🙂

  5. says:

    Hey Joe, I only just tuned into all this last night. On strength of the manxnet vid of your arrival in PSM I’ve had to upgrade your status as hon life member Arbory TT from “total star” to “superstar”. Regarding your blog, presentation,trip,idea, timing, everything – I like it all. World Class but what I like most at this moment is seeing that pin of yours going into the coast of Ireland. Well, well done Joe it must have taken some doing to pull yourself away from family and get back on the water so soon this morning. On days like today, with weather half decent, I want to tell you to crack on. On days when weather iffy I want to tell you to forget the 80 day target and think only of preservation and being there for the finish but I know I need tell you nothing. You are getting it all exactly right. Stay constant and enjoy.

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