Day 14 bad weather

According to weather reports, today will be my last day weatherbound.

Another day in Bangor buying bits I may or may not need, feeding up and meeting friends. Of all the places to have been stuck for 3 days, Anglesey would have been high on the list.

After returning to Cemlyn, my departure point for launch to the Isle of Man, I had a visit from Marcus Demuth (a previous circumnavigator). He brought some beers and some sound advice and his infectious enthusiasm has made me more eager than ever to press on with the trip.


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2 Responses to Day 14 bad weather

  1. Choppy says:

    So beautiful!

  2. marcus says:

    Good luck and fair winds to you, Joe. It was really good meeting you. And always remember: “A good hammer says more than a thousand words.” (unfortunately this is the only advice I can give you on your way). All the best!! Marcus

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