Day 12 Rest/bad weather

Can’t be too annoyed with this. Well ready for a rest and the force 8 gale warning seemed as good a reason as any. Took the boat to the workshop and was given a history lesson on the Taran.

Spent the afternoon in Bangor catching up with some friends. Thanks Jacob for the t-shirt bearing an image of me riding a dragon.

With more kind help from Mike at Rockpool I had tea and headed back to Cemlyn to camp it out and get a better feel for what the weather was doing. I needn’t have bothered, force 5-6 all night and not really easing in the morning. Looks like another day weatherbound.

Having to actively banish the thought that by not losing that day in Cardigan Bay, I might have made the Isle of Man in the window and whilst this it’s not crossing weather I probably could have scratched round the coast. ‘Ifs’ and ‘buts’, forget it.

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4 Responses to Day 12 Rest/bad weather

  1. In the words of Brian Potter or was it Beverley Knight “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda…….”
    All relative, you are doing a cracking job and have got the boat serviced to boot.
    Chin up and concentrate on stocking up on those calories for the next big push. Hugs, M XXX

  2. Bec says:

    You are doing fab joe! Hopefully we will see you when you arrive here on the IoM! We have tasty supplies for you! Bec and Tim x

  3. marcus says:

    I am in Cemaes Bay, 2 Miles East of Cemlyn Bay, feel free to call 01407 711498, I can pick you up, or paddle over, so you can crash here. I could also deliver beer or other necesseties in AM or around 8 PM. Will leave for work/school around 8 AM tomorrow (Tues), back at 8 PM, feel free to call or email marcusdemuth – at – before then.

    Best of luck otherwise.


  4. 7th Wave says:

    Hi Joe, your Mum has just been in touch with me looking for gloves for you – I think we have some. If it’s any consolation it has been blowing like stink on the IOM for the last few days, the wind has only dropped below a Force 6 for a few hours since Sunday. If you want on the spot weather or tidal info for the IOM in the next few days give me a shout 01624 836366 or drop me a line via give me a shout if I can help with anything at all…

    Best of luck, maybe meet you tomorrow?


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