Day 9 Tonfanau-Abersoch

More dolphin contact, beginning to think they are coming round with me… This morning was the last of a 4 day stint of land support from my girlfriends dad, Jes. He has been a brilliant caddy. The first task at hand was a 17NM crossing from Tonfanau over to the Lleyn peninsula, visibility down and sea lumpy. Going unsupported again was a tough step to take. I’ve been a bit wobbly today, 9 days in and so much ahead of me. Made land after 5 or 6 hours battling wind and swell and a breaker in the cockpit whilst stupidly trying to take a leak in unsuitable weather. Tried to push on and round to Hell’s Mouth but thought better of it after becoming unhappy with the big conditions. So I was sat on the corner of Abersoch bay, tormenting whether I should be just going for it or retiring for the day. Cue the dolphins, they first emerged on the point and I followed them all the way into the bay. Decision made, I moped around Abersoch town eventually moping back to make camp. I knocked on a house to get water for cooking and was almost overwhelmed by the offer of supper, a shower and a bed! Now feels like a new leg of the trip. Isle of Man in sight and a refreshed outlook. People are awesome, life is good. Sincere thanks to Jes and to Vinny, Daphne & William.

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2 Responses to Day 9 Tonfanau-Abersoch

  1. Keep going son. The low points are all part of the experience and what amazing friends you are making on route. XXX

  2. Michal says:

    Go Joe goooo, we like reading your blog. Love that hou have time to write it and put photos on, especially considering the hours you spend on the water. We appreciated the effort. It’s also cool for us to either see places we also saw or we are going to see in some time.
    Well done for going unsupported and being still so fast. We have been unsupported since the beginning and never fast.

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