Day 11 Morfa Nefyn-Cemlyn

Although I knew I needed to put in early for a tidal push round Holyhead, I was exhausted from tent fishing last night and so took the lazy option of a lie in till 8. Also failed to eat properly last night or this morning or pack a lunch (instead just quick release bars) for today. As if Stuart from Ty Coch Inn hadn’t done enough already he loaded my flask with proper coffee which I eagerly worked my way through. All of these factors would lead to a horrible energy crash later in the day.

On my high octane fuel I got into a sweet rhythm on the 20NM crossing to Anglesey and clocked under 5 hours. Bumped into some paddlers playing at South Stack led by Phil Clegg. Safe to say, Phil, Barry and Harry’s 2005 record breaking UK circumnav has probably been the biggest inspiration for this trip.

It was a real treat to be back around the Anglesey coastline which holds great memories. But after 4 hours against the flow and sneaking past the legendary tidal races I was sparked. Weather reports through the day have confirmed that the Isle of Man crossing tomorrow is not a goer. Instead minor boat repairs, kit servicing and rest. Might swing by Bangor for the craic. 

Sincere thanks to Mike Webb of Rockpool for putting me up for the night. Haven’t camped for days now.


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2 Responses to Day 11 Morfa Nefyn-Cemlyn

  1. barry shaw says:

    Hi Joe,
    well done on a great effort yesterday. We were above you at South Stack and as you took that photo you were being filmed. Big brother is watching.
    Good luck with the crossing and the rest of the trip..
    Barry Shaw

  2. Liz Saville Roberts says:

    All the best Joe. Glad to read you didn’t risk the weather on Monday. Pob lwc ar y daith agus go n-eiri an fharraige leat. Liz (black horse – Ty Coch, Saturday).

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