Day 8 New Quay-Tonfanau


Here’s where not getting back on the water yesterday has cost me a day.

Really nice paddle out from New Quay although sunglasses stayed on for about 5 minutes before they were replaced with winter cag. At one point the water went glassy flat and when I stopped to enjoy it, a big pod of porpoises called by.

Pushed on past Aberystwyth and towards Aberdovey, the deal was that if I got in to Tonfanau by 1400 and feeling strong then I’d take on the crossing to the Lleyn Peninsula.
That wasn’t to be, so just another 25 ticked off and go in to tomorrow rested.

Highlight of the day was scoring a night in an old army barracks sheltered from the crazy rain, serious thanks to Jim and the guys for hooking us up and to Jes for the Madras extravaganza that followed. Incredible!

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2 Responses to Day 8 New Quay-Tonfanau

  1. Mum says:

    I know yesterday was a difficult one but you are doing really hun. We are all really proud of you here on The Rock. Just remember tomorrow is another day and most of all enjoy it. XXX

  2. hellybobs says:

    Madras sounds a life saver after a hards day paddling! Spoke to Nana on tuesday, words cannot express how proud she is of you x x

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