Day 7 Fishguard-New Quay

Unpleasant start having to get into cold wet kit on minimal sleep, but necessary to catch the north going tide.

Made plans to push for New Quay some 28NM along the coast and to take it from there.

Weather great, more porpoise and also passed the largest guillimot and razorbill colony I have seen.

Fought the turned tide for the last hour or two and pulled into New Quay around 1400 where I called it a day. In hindsight, very disappointed not to have pushed on but having time to recover might just save the niggle in my back from becoming anything more.

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One Response to Day 7 Fishguard-New Quay

  1. alexbowling says:

    hi jo. hope your back is holding up. im a chiropractor from pembrokeshire that loves to paddle. if the back starts to trouble you, or you need any advice on stretches etc, just get in contact. 01823 336 886. well done by the way, your doing brilliantly.

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