Day 6 Freshwater West-Fishguard

Now Cardigan Bay. I had envisaged, before starting the trip, that I might fancy taking on the 45NM crossing of the bay. Well I don’t, and I didnt.

Todays paddle involved the cautious negotiation of Jack Sound and The Bitches so required a serious amount of focus to prevent straying into the races for a play.

After an early start I stopped for a long lunch at St David’s Lifeboat station. The evening session started well as I rode a tonking spring tide around Strumble Head but this later turned to a real slog on to Fishguard.

Good day overall. 40nm and a cheeky porpoise rise on the home straight cruise into Fishguard.

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One Response to Day 6 Freshwater West-Fishguard

  1. Barbara Hackworthy says:

    Amazing progress in less than ideal weather!

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