Day 5 Lundy Island-Freshwater West

No pictures today, having trouble charging my phone which I’ve been using as camera. Anyway, long day…

At around 0900 and with a little help from the guys from Sea Kayaking South West, I reluctantly departed Lundy. Lots of trust involved in an open crossing like this, no sight of land for 3 or 4 hours and just trusting your compass and own workings to guide you in.

After sneaking past a sleeping seal and leaving the comfort of the shore I had incredible dolphin contact. Around 10-15, diving under my boat and breaching all over the shop. They stayed with me for about five minutes before heading off.

Back to the task at hand… kept paddling for some 11 hours and finally made land. Had to ask a stranger the eternal question “where am I?” Incredibly enough I’d hit Freshwater West, spot on! 

Soon after was met by Jes who quickly got the stove on. Amazing. 

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4 Responses to Day 5 Lundy Island-Freshwater West

  1. Jack Sharkey says:

    Keep it up Joey!!! YAY!

  2. marianne says:

    Hey Joe, looks like you are doing well, the dolphins sound amazing too. Let Sam and I know when you are going to be here and we’ll catch up and bring you any replenishments you need 🙂

  3. Hiya Joe – Rhoda here – part of the Sea Kayaking South West group you met on Lundy. We have lots of photos of you setting off so will post them for you wherever we can. Keep up the good work – you were looking great 🙂

  4. Hiya Joe – wasn’t sure how to post photo’s on here but I have put some I took of you on Lundy on our Facebook page – Sea Kayaking South West
    I know Rob took some good ones too so more will follow soon.

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