Day 3 Polzeath-Welcombe Mouth


Made slower progress owing to a headwind and the miles beginning to take their toll. But that didnt detract from the incredible North Cornish coastline.

Aptly enough saw puffins whilst passing Puffin Island and was mesmerized by the geology on show around Tintagel. Massive layers of slate buckled and dropping steeply into the sea.

Made camp early at Welcombe Mouth on the logic that the double crossing to Pembrokeshire wasnt on anyway. Awesome beach all to myself.

Lundy tomorrow!

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One Response to Day 3 Polzeath-Welcombe Mouth

  1. Daphne tilley says:

    Thinking and worrying about you all the time, with wind and tide against you always. Keep paddling, looking forward to hearing from you from the Isle of Man! All the very best. William, Daphne and Vinny 😀

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